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About us

Going next-level

Farm Trans has been strong in food transport since 1987. And we continue to do so by innovating and investing. In IT, in sustainability and in our people. For the next level in logistics.

Farm Trans, born on the land

We are not called Farm Trans for nothing. In 1987, our first truck took to the road with bulk transport for potatoes. We immediately excelled in ICT and our knowledge of food transportation and that could be seen. We grew with every kilometre. Today, our network is expanding across Europe and the UK, more than 550 professionals work for us and we are focused on the future. For more efficient logistics, with fewer emissions and more job satisfaction. 

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Transport professionals

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Branches with local teams


Our drive for progress

The logistics company of the future is an IT company. Those who drive, sail and fly ahead digitally will win now and in the future. Data is therefore the fuel taking us forward today. Smart use of data helps us solve logistics problems faster and more easily. Together we ensure that your supply chain is shorter, more efficient and more sustainable than ever.

Every trip is data-driven
Reducing emission drive by drive

Our drive for the planet

Transport is in need of transformation. Fewer emissions cannot be achieved with more fuel-efficient vehicles and local cooperation alone. Sustainable transport starts before the journey. That’s why we plan the most efficient routes, times and means of transport in advance, and our state-of-the-art Smart Warehouse calculates how to achieve the fastest transfer of goods. This is our data-drive approach to sustainable logistics.


Our drive for people

Without good people, there is no transport. That’s why we value our people so highly. We are investing in a strong and complete team, from data analysts to drivers. And it’s important to us that they are safe, health and happy in their work. Our people progress to the next stage in their careers at our in-house Farm Trans Academy.

Going next level together

Strong from the start

Farm Trans was founded in 1987. As a frontrunner in ICT and with our focus on food transport, we have been able to distinguish ourselves from the very beginning.

Ideal conditions

The demand for our services grew quickly, including foodstuff cargo that required special conditions. In 1997, we therefore expanded our services to include temperature controlled transport. We also looked further across borders, expanding into Eastern Europe in 2005 and the UK in 2007. In 2012, we offered multimodal transport for the first time.


Today, together with our strong partner network, we transport all types of foodstuffs and other demanding products by road, water and rail. And we are still aiming for the next level. With our strength in ICT and our people, we overcome the biggest challenges in logistics.