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The first trailers with the latest technology

Farm Trans has its own fleet of more than 300 trucks and over 800 trailers to position your transport and logistics business right upfront. We choose our vehicles by class. With proven quality and the latest technology. Quiet, economical and safe.

We have our own fleet of trucks and trailers in all the countries where we have our own branches. As we continue to invest in new trucks and trailers for both our bulk and temperature controlled divisions, we are able to move quickly and scale up to our customers’ needs. Check out our fleet.

Everything on track

With Farm Trans’ fleet, you can rely on excellent transport while remaining flexible, no matter what. You benefit from all the advantages of our own fleet and our own breakdown service. Our trucks and trailers are always up-to-date thanks to our strict policy on damage and maintenance and our comprehensive renewal schedule. Breakdown on the road? Our fleet is insured throughout the European Union. 

Bulk trailers

Insulated dischargers such as belt trailers, walking floors, tipper trailers and silo trailers are ready to safely transport your bulk cargo.

  • Hopper / belt discharger / belted trailer
    Practical bulk trailers for transporting almost any bulk product, such as potatoes, peas, carrots, onions and animal feed.
  • Walking Floor / Sliding floor trailer
    Combine two transports with each other, e.g. on the outward journey a loose food transport and on the return journey a transport of pallets.
  • Tipper trailer
    The tipper trailer is versatile and can efficiently offload various raw materials such as beet, animal feed, soil, manure, sand and salt.
  • Silo trailer / Silo semi-trailer
    Our specialised silo trailers guarantee fast transport of bulk and bulk goods, such as potato flakes, flour or grain.
  • Sliding tarpaulin trailer
    These trailers are flexible for transporting loose goods in crates or on pallets, as well as non-food goods and goods with different sizes compared to pallets.
Temperature controlled trailers

Temperature controlled trailers are equipped with the latest technology to transport your more fragile products (food) safely and quickly.

  • Mono temp trailer
    Transport your fresh or frozen food safely in our trailer under one constant temperature, from -30 to 30 ℃.
  • Dual temp trailer
    Transport multiple different foods safely in one trailer under two constant temperature zones, from -30 to 30 ℃.
  • Refrigerated freezer trailer
    Do you want to distribute both chilled and frozen products? Our refrigerated freezer trailer cools and freezes in two different zones.
Tailor-made transportation

What does your cargo need? We love to brainstorm with you and we always find a tailor-made solution for you within our fleet, or those of our partners. Like our Volvo FM 420 4×2 tractors for extra quiet distribution in densely populated areas. Or our refrigerated trailers that keep your products at the right temperature continuously, so that it all arrives fresh and safe.

Would you like to know more?

Edwin Vrolijk | Fleet Manager +31 (0) 168 74 52 90
Safe customised transport
Road and food safety is a key focus for Farm Trans. Day in and day out, our team is working to improve this safety.
Farm Trans portret Ed

Edwin Vrolijk | Fleet Manager