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Account Management at Farm Trans: “We are the bridge between the client and the transporter.”

Account Management at Farm Trans
29 | 11 | 2023

In this fourth article in a series on Connected Services, we explain more about the role of Account Management at Farm Trans. In the other three articles, we will highlight the role of IT, Operational Management and Carrier Management.


Chris Laene is Account Manager at Farm Trans since 2021 along with four colleagues. “We are responsible for the entire logistics process, from A to Z, for our clients. From the moment that an order comes in right up to distribution to the correct transporters and all administrative matters like transporters and customs documents. Operationally we monitor the orders on order and trip level and therefore ensure that possible problems or complaints are quickly resolved.”


More insight with smart IT 

Since 2022 Farm Trans is building its own ERP system on which clients can log in to, among other things, monitor their orders. Laene: “This ensures transparent communication more management. We see quickly where possible bottlenecks are, so we are able to respond to this in time.” Account Manager monitors the performance per transporter per region. In monthly reporting meetings Farm Trans examines the established KPI’s with clients and makes adjustments where necessary.

Delivery and loading performance

Via the 2-way EDI connection (Electronic Data Interchange) of Farm Trans clients send their orders through easily and Farm Trans feeds back the load and offloading details. Clients receive a weekly report containing, among other things, the performance results and any incidents and complaints. Laene: “We employ a KPI for on-time performance. This KPI can be a challenge for carriers, for example if they work with multiple delivery depots. But we always strive to achieve this goal.”


Service-level agreement and order status

In the client meetings Laene also discusses possible issues and incidents: “These could be delays but also quality complaints. For example, damage or loss due to the wrong temperature for frozen or fresh products. We log everything in our complaints system, from time and location to cause. This allows us to communicate proactive with our clients and use these insights to prevent problems in the future.”
Account Management also looks at the expected volume with the client and takes driving bans and capacity into account, also around the holidays in various countries.


Incident registration and claims

What if something goes wrong? Account Management closely monitors the correct handling of complaints and claims: “For example, a pallet may be broken or a box may be lost. We record all information on the complaint and every Tuesday we go through the outstanding complaints with the entire team and ensure that they are dealt with as quickly as possible.” What if this results in a claim? Laene: “Then too we look for solutions. For example, a claim can arise from expired products, an incorrect return or waiting costs for the transporter if it cannot yet load or unload.”


Satisfied clients

With Account Management, Farm Trans is on top of the clients order. Thanks to the IT solutions and automation, orders and communication run smoothly. And if something should happen, Account Management quickly resolves it. Laene expects even more convenience from IT, for example with slot planning: “Transporters can log in to that system and immediately book time slots themselves, for example at our cold stores. This gives transporters and our clients more insight into planning and orders.”

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