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Cheques from TVM Insurance due to few claims

27 | 05 | 2021
Deployment of drivers

When determining the amount, factors that need to be considered include how long you’ve been insured with TVM and your claims history. Farm Trans was able to receive a tidy sum and we owe it largely to our drivers who work hard every day to prevent damages, safely transporting our customers’ products

Road and food safety

Farm Trans – like TVM – has long championed transport safety. It is part of our sustainability policy under the heading: “road and food safety.” At Farm Trans we are always on the move, literally and figuratively. To achieve this, Farm Trans invests, among other things, in a modern fleet with the latest technologies, such as Active Drive Assist, which helps drivers measure distances to oncoming vehicles and lane markings, automatically adjusts speeds when cornering, for example, and corrects the truck when necessary. But the driver is always the most important link in the chain and Farm Trans supports them with driver training provided by the Farm Trans Academy.

So, what do we do with the cheques?

It is the employees, including the drivers, who ensure Farm Trans’ success. Therefore, Farm Trans management invests the contributions into the employees’ working environment. Let’s move forward together for the healthy future of our industry!