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Employee in the Spotlight

10 | 03 | 2022
A new challenge

Laura finally decided to take the step to become a truck driver herself seven years ago and she is still happy with that choice. “Meeting new people, discovering new places and the beautiful scenery you drive through as a trick driver are some among the best parts of the job,” Laura said. But she is also really proud of herself after a challenging working day, “Because I know I am doing my best. I get the best out of myself every day by always doing my best.”

Choosing Farm Trans

Laura got to know Farm Trans through her partner, Paul. He joined Farm Trans a few months ago and was impressed by the company’s professionalism and productive approach. He also noticed how helpful and understanding the company’s staff are. As a result, Laura also joined Farm Trans not long after her partner. As a matter of fact, she didn’t experience these values at her previous employer. “Although I worked at a smaller family business before this, I never felt appreciated there,” says Laura.

Farm Trans as an employer

“The drivers I met at Farm Trans were very friendly to me. Other drivers really made an effort to assist me during my first few weeks. It’s also really helpful to be working with my partner. We make a great team, both at work and at home!”, says Laura. She does find combining her busy work schedule with her social life tough, though. It’s very important for her to spend time with friends and family. The planning team work with her in this regard, so Laura collaborates with the planning team to find a better work schedule. “If I have a problem I can go to my supervisor, he is always willing to help. The planning team is also very helpful. For example, they let me work with my partner when we both had to haul potatoes the other day. I am grateful to them for that, because I have to honestly admit that I found it rather exciting.”

Workplace equipment

Laura is happy with her equipment at Farm Trans, “I previously drove a Scania, which had always been my favourite. Now I drive a Mercedes and I must say, I really like it too.” The bulk trailers take some getting used to. Because of her shoulder injury, Laura had to find the best way to climb on and off the trailer, “The ladders at the front are easy to use; at the back of the trailer it was a bit more difficult because of my shoulder injury. But by using an extra stepladder, it works well for me now.”

Dreaming of becoming a truck driver

Becoming a truck driver did not come naturally to Laura. Due to the support she received from her partner and family, she was eventually able to take this step. She stands by her choice. Laura urges anyone who dreams of joining her profession to pursue this dream. Especially young girls and women who dream of becoming truck drivers. She has the following advice for girls and women: “Don’t let anyone put you off. The path to doing this job can be very difficult, but when you achieve what you want, it is very satisfying.”