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Farm Trans Warehousing: advanced and unique opportunities

Smart and Fast
19 | 06 | 2024

The warehouse and cross-docking service offers unique, advanced opportunities. Stephan explains: “Our warehouse and cross-dock services are unique because we process and store both fresh and frozen products at one location. The two totally different product groups require separate handling, which is our expertise.” We also have the central location in Northern Belgium, 20 minutes away the Netherlands and one hour from Germany, and that makes our warehousing and cross docking a valuable service.


With this expansion in services, Farm Trans offers comprehensive logistical solutions. According to Stephan: “The best part is being able to organise everything from A to Z for the client.” Our approach to service is clearly expressed in this entity, as Stephan explains: “With new requests, we confer with our client about what they want and when the right time is to begin. Based on these discussions, we create an onboarding programme in which the entire process is described. This lets our clients know what to expect. We are also continuously developing new services to ensure we remain at the forefront in the services we provide. Two new services are: container handling and value-added logistics services.”


Innovation comes first at Farm Trans Warehousing. Stephan explains a few of the latest improvements: “We have increased the capacity in our refrigerators and cold stores, literally and figuratively: we have placed new shelves to create another level. We have taken a big step in optimising the use of our capacity.


In addition to innovation, safety is a daily consideration. Stephan explains more about the efforts Farm Trans is undertaking: “We make sure our employees have the correct work instructions and tools available, such as work clothes for the frozen compartment and other suitable attire. To ensure employees are well informed, Farm Trans also regularly organises training sessions. Stephan: “Our employees need to have the right certifications to be able to work with a forklift or a terminal tractor. We employ standard cleaning protocols and fixed inspections which are recorded in a checklist that satisfies the applicable requirements.”


IT forms an integral part of the warehouse: everyone has their own link within the chain. Stephan emphasises the crucial importance of the Warehouse Management System (WMS): “The WMS links all systems at the warehouse and cross dock, which enables them to communicate quickly and efficiently with each other and other departments at Farm Trans. We have access to an enormous amount of data because of this and these data, in turn, can be used to help support clients and inform them about their logistics. In the WMS, we do things like maintain inventories and monitor the temperatures of the refrigerators and cold stores.


When looking towards the future, Stephan predicts growth: “We always offer the correct capacity for both fresh and frozen goods. We also keep a close eye on all the latest developments, integrating new tools in a timely fashion, and we are always adapting to stay on top of trends. Our clients continue to be our priority: We always listen to the needs of our clients and our goal is to provide them with comprehensive support.”