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Walking Floor transport after Brexit

06 | 01 | 2021
Walking Floor transport outside EU

Joost Blom, Walking Floor manager, explains: ‘With the UK no longer part of the EU, Walking Floor transport to and from the UK has become even more of a speciality. As Farm Trans has prepared well for the Brexit, we have mastered this specialism and can assist our customers throughout the entire process.’

Additional documentation outside EU

From 1 January 2021, additional cargo information will be required because various customs requirements will have to be met after the UK’s exit. Shipping details such as notes of lading, freight lists and product codes should also be known earlier. ‘For customers, this means that we load the product earlier and request and transmit the shipment details to various supply chain partners earlier.’

Demand for Walking Floor transport towards UK grows

We notice that the demand of Walking Floor transport towards the UK is growing. As Farm Trans, we can carry out quick and targeted transport requests from customers as we have knowledge and access to all the required systems. This allows our customers to hand over full control to us. ‘Tailored to the desired lead time, we book a suitable crossing so that the customer’s shipment is delivered at the right time and place,’ Joost says.

Do you need to transport goods to the UK?

With all our various functionalities, such as Walking Floor, bulk and conditioned transport, we can transport your product efficiently and safely to the UK via ferry or Eurotunnel. We are flexible and happy to think with you about a suitable transport solution. Would you like to know more about logistics solutions outside the EU? Our sales team would be delighted to assist you. You can get in touch with us via this link.

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