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From A to B and from A to Z

Leading the way in food transport via road, water and rail.

Transporting food should be safe, smooth and responsibly managed. Farm Trans handles it from A to B, from A to Z. From bulk to temperature controlled transport, by road, water and rail.

Bulk transport

Temperature controlled transport

Safe and secure on the road, 7 days a week

Transport with Farm Trans is transport as it should be.

On the road, you will utilise our modern fleet of vehicles for all supply and delivery jobs in the food industry. All our trucks meet the highest safety standards, for both conditioned and bulk transport.

You can see how your cargo is doing via comprehensive live access any time. As a leader in ICT, you always have a complete overview because we give you 100% access via smart software, providing customised transport for the most efficient route.

We always go for the most sustainable solution. In our services, in our fleet and in our dealings with you and our employees. Because sustainable transport is the only way towards the transport of tomorrow.

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