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Connected services

Your entire logistics process organised intelligently

Logistics can improve on a daily basis. But, you’ll need to know what can be improved. With data analytics and Connected Services by Farm Trans, you literally steer the processes with data. Using your own data as well as ours. From loading and offloading performance to ETA, ATA and CO2. Hand over your entire logistics operation to Farm Trans and let us help you to get the most out of your logistics.

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Together we can move further

Data alone doesn’t allow your logistic processes to function better. It is an interplay between ICT and people. With our smart universal standard, we connect our data with yours, and your customers’ and our partners’ data. This gives us a clear overview of all your transport flows across Europe, so we can continuously optimise these processes. Could anything be improved? Then we’ll communicate that right away. Together, we will make your transport processes better, more efficient and more protective of the environment.

More data, fewer kilometres

Collecting data is one thing. Analysing data and acting on it is another. Our data analysts and account managers work together in a structured way to improve your efficiency. We are constantly devising ways to ensure the same quality with less mileage. As our customer, we make sure you stay informed of all this in real time, via our dashboards and reports.

From operational data to strategic data

Farm Trans delves deeper, from your daily rides to your annual routines.

Examples of operational data

  • ETA and ATA (Estimated & Actual Time of Arrival)
  • Average loading and offloading times
  • Temperature
  • Loading windows and locations

Examples of strategic data

  • Transport flows
  • Waiting costs
  • CO2 emissions
  • Distribution of loading and offloading locations
  • Storage locations

Smarter, all across Europe

Farm Trans not only improves your logistics, we also work towards a 10 for our own services every day. Our own European network stretches from Ireland to Poland. With our well-established partners, we serve the entire continent. Including the UK. With new hub-and-spoke connections and smart warehousing, we make transport even more efficient.

"With Connected services, we are taking logistics to the next level.”

Dennis Timmermans | Logistics Coordinator

Let's get started


Map out your logistics
We’ll examine your process under the microscope together. You will be allocated a dedicated contact person, acting as your quick and convenient point of contact for your overall logistics needs.


Start with continuous improvement
We tackle improvements that will deliver the biggest gains first. In this way, you are on your way to a structurally improved transport process, today and in the future.


Tailor your logistics
Together, we design your logistics processes to run more efficiently and sustainably. With our service, you can achieve optimal transport flows without any hassles.

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"With Connected services, we are taking logistics to the next level.”

Tom Steenmeijer | Sales Manager

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Better connections with Farm Trans

  • More efficient and sustainable transport across Europe
  • Harness the power of ICT with the power of people
  • All your logistics data integrated in one system
  • One dedicated account manager for the entire process
  • Continuous insight via real-time dashboards and reports

Next level in progress

The logistics company of the future is an IT company. Those who drive, sail and fly ahead digitally will win now and in the future. Data is therefore the fuel taking us forward today. Smart use of data helps us solve logistics problems faster and more easily. Together we ensure that your supply chain is shorter, more efficient and more sustainable than ever.

Every trip is data-driven

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